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A library of incidents in urban and rural landscapes, incorporating views and details to amuse and stimulate discussion. From a London based landscape architect and urban designer who likes to travel around the world, especially by train...

For me, drawing is a meditation on the beauty in our natural world—
the arc of a stem bowed by the fullness of its flower
the juxtaposition of sharp thorns and soft leaves on a single plant
illusions of weight embodied in bulbous oak galls
ribbons of light tracing a petal’s edge
the mathematical precision of spiraling patterns on a pine cone

SUZANNE OLIVE: botanical artist

CALIFORNIA BLACK OAK  Quercus kelloggii  1990

Original sold

Image 8.5” x 13” / Matted 14” x 19.5”

Ranging from southern Oregon to southern California and reaching heights of 80 feet, these impressive deciduous oaks produce plump acorns once considered to be the best-tasting acorns by California’s indigenous peoples.